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What it takes to be president

Like many of you who have ever been part of, say, a parent-teacher organization or any other volunteer group, I’ve been experiencing a deja vu over the last year watching this presidential administration go to town on America. A person no one ever thought would come to power has done just that, and, cringing with… Continue reading What it takes to be president

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Getting past the fog and weariness

Two years ago, I was a 38-year-old mother with three children, working a couple of jobs, barely maintaining a home and scarcely connecting with my husband. I thought the exhaustion I felt was normal. Whenever I had dark circles under my eyes and went out in public, people would say: “Are you OK? You look… Continue reading Getting past the fog and weariness

Power Women

Spotlight on Female Business Owners

Twelve-hour days, pulling all-nighters, working weekends … this beautifully describes the life of a business owner. The Kane County area is bursting with small businesses and – with it – the leadership of some amazing women. There are two in particular who embody a tenacious entrepreneurial spirit, a kind heart and a savvy business sense that does… Continue reading Spotlight on Female Business Owners