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Five tips to make bullet journaling easier

The amount of information the “Modern Domestic Woman” has stored away in her brain is of epic proportions. Social security numbers, pins, passwords, other people’s passwords, recipes, deadlines, birthdays. Woo! The list goes on and on. As much as technology is lovely for pretty much everything, there comes a time in a girl’s life when she… Continue reading Five tips to make bullet journaling easier

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Finding children’s joy when they are ‘truly releasing’

It is my ultimate desire as a parent to provide an environment of peace in my home. As the craziness of the Christmas holiday descends upon us, the mama in me wants to ensure that my children are at ease. But how do we know our kids are truly happy? One might think happiness equals… Continue reading Finding children’s joy when they are ‘truly releasing’

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A taste of peace

I’ve had a taste of peace. I’m talking real peace during my day, where I am negotiating with 5-year-olds without getting flustered, moving through uncomfortable conversations at work with ease and content in walking out my door being myself. This peace did not happen over night, my friends, nor am I at peace 24 hours… Continue reading A taste of peace

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Getting past the fog and weariness

Two years ago, I was a 38-year-old mother with three children, working a couple of jobs, barely maintaining a home and scarcely connecting with my husband. I thought the exhaustion I felt was normal. Whenever I had dark circles under my eyes and went out in public, people would say: “Are you OK? You look… Continue reading Getting past the fog and weariness

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When mama’s happy, everybody’s happy

Last week, my family took our very first vacation together. While I was eager to get away from the Midwest and bask in the sunshiny beaches of Clearwater, Fla., I stressed about getting everything done on my to-do list before I left. Work had to be complete for the next week. When you work in… Continue reading When mama’s happy, everybody’s happy

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Confidently weaving ‘flaws’ into your look

In my early 20s, fresh out of college and full of an enthusiastic energy that required no coffee, I felt confident in my skin – or so I thought. The power of words are enough to make or break you. One particular day at work, a superior “encouraged” me not to wear my glasses as… Continue reading Confidently weaving ‘flaws’ into your look