On stage at the Athenaeum Theatre. Photographer, Sabrina Persico

Smitten with domestic life but not to the point of unhealthy obsession, The Circular Home centers in on home touch ups and everything that encompasses being a Modern Domestic Woman in the world today.

Written by Chicago-based freelance writer, Elizabeth Rago, The Circular Home focuses on creating a happy community. Our main mantra? Perfection is not the key to a happy domestic life. Humor, love, and a snuggly place to call home IS.

Email Elizabeth at elizabetharago@gmail.com or connect on LinkedIn.

As seen in:

Kane County Chronicle columnist – The Modern Domestic Woman

Susan Skog’s book – Mending the Sisterhood: Ending Women’s Bullying

Today’s Christian Woman, article – Today’s New Domestic Woman

PB Kitchen Design, blog – Dwell Well

Distinctive Chesterfields blog, article – 8 tips for great at-home entertaining

Listen to Your Mother 2013 cast, reading at the Athenaeum Theatre, Chicago – Under The Big Top

Momentumnation.com, article – Can You Be Fashionable and Feminine in the Workplace?






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