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Five tips to make bullet journaling easier

Modern Domestic Woman Bullet Journaling

The amount of information the “Modern Domestic Woman” has stored away in her brain is of epic proportions. Social security numbers, pins, passwords, other people’s passwords, recipes, deadlines, birthdays. Woo! The list goes on and on. As much as technology is lovely for pretty much everything, there comes a time in a girl’s life when she needs to download all that info from her brain and various mobile devices and on to something she can SEE.

“The Modern Domestic Woman” needs a notebook, a diary, a calendar, a to-do list, a wish list, and a worlds-to-conquer list – all in one place.

Enter bullet journaling, a method of journaling and note-taking.

Like anything on the internet, when I searched “bullet journal,” a plethora of visual masterpieces of artwork and straight lines flooded my computer screen.

“Darn it, I can’t draw OR make a straight line to save myself,” I thought.

Self-doubt started to wash over me, yet still, I persisted. The journal-lover and paper-obsessed girl in me needed this to work. I was sick of screens and syncing up to clouds and longed to use my handwriting again.

Upon further investigation, I found my inner-skeptic was quickly silenced, as bullet journaling does not have to be as complicated as it seems. Here are five tips to dispel the rumors that bullet journaling is too complicated:

No. 1: Don’t be intimidated when you Google it. The first time I read about bullet journaling and watched a YouTube demonstration about it, I was immediately discouraged. Beautiful hand-written fonts graced the pages of these bullet journaling-obsessed people. Still intrigued, I Googled on.

No. 2: You don’t have to be an artist; you simply need to doodle. Or not. This journal can be a complex expression of artwork, or it can be simply the words you need to document. No pressure here. Your bullet journal is what you make of it – stick figures or Mona Lisa-esque artistry.

No. 3: It doesn’t take that long to create. An hour, tops, to get the structure of your bullet journal out on paper. After that, you can spend as much time, or as little, as you want. I’m anticipating that my journal will become more of a therapeutic tool for me, allowing my thoughts and to-dos and dreams to come out on paper where I can actually SEE them.

No. 4: Get inspired by other people. If you Instagram, search #bulletjournaljunkies and oh my, ideas abound. Again, don’t get overwhelmed, simply take note of ways to track your own life and lists through their creativity and use accordingly for your journal.

No. 5: You can start anytime. Traditional planners have a calendar that, depending on the time of purchase, could waste many pages of months gone by. Bullet journals start whenever you do.

I’m excited to start my bullet journal and would love to share creative ideas with you and hear yours on my Facebook page. Happy journaling and cheers to a fantastic Christmas and an even better 2018!


This article was originally published on December 21, 2017, in the Kane County Chronicle.

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