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Rockin’ the mini van and proud of it

Elizabeth Rago VW Bus Modern Domestic Woman Chicago IL
My very first ‘minivan’ was an awesome VW [Volkswagen] bus
I’m not ashamed to admit I love my minivan.

Truth be told, I’ve been rocking the mini since college and believe me, back then everybody loved riding in the van. At first, I cringed at the thought of tooling around town in a suburban mom mobile, but then again, I had no choice. I certainly didn’t have any money to buy my own wheels, so I decided to own it.

The whole soccer mom phenomenon was still happening when I rolled in the mini, and never once did I think while pulling up to my college algebra class that I needed to apologize for my ride. I was 19 and sexy! It didn’t matter if I pulled up on a Big Wheel, my confidence was through the roof because I was young and amazingly single! I blasted Alanis Morissette and had no qualms as I slid the driver’s side window up with my hands because the roller upper thingie no longer worked. I felt no hint of embarrassment that it was necessary to hold a tape down in the tape deck in order for it to play. That the shocks were toast and hitting the slightest bump in the road launched me into the air like Tigger on steroids.

I was confident in me, you see.

Fast forward 21 years later (sweet Moses, am I really 40?), and I am in possession of our third minivan. I tried the SUV, honestly, I did. For the three kids, it was difficult to get in and out of, and – for me – it just didn’t seem right. Because once you go mini, you don’t go back.

If Halle Berry stepped out of a minivan with her kids, would society forget about her gorgeousness? I think not! In fact, the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker confessed to driving a mini and was quoted by US Weekly saying, “It’s the most wonderful car.”

Indeed, SJP!

The mini is simply amazing and you will never know it until you try one.

So strut, you mothers with minis! Embrace the practicality of it, the oodles of space, and it’s ability to easily fit a coffee table dumped on the side of the road (which will later be repainted in an elaborate DIY project that your husband will ask you never to do again).

I’m sexy in my mini – are you?


This article was originally published in the Kane County Chronicle on September 7, 2017.

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