Elizabeth Andersen

Editing your decor by Elizabeth Andersen

One of the toughest things for us all to do, except for perhaps the true minimalist at heart, is to pare down to the bare necessities. As hard as it may be, this is essential for a well-decorated space.

“Things” tend to accumulate over time, from the latest trendy item or the impossible-to-toss family heirlooms to stacks of “important” magazines. After a while, we’re displaying it all and giving ourselves no visual peace and tranquility. Not to mention our guests.

It is a challenging exercise, but step back and look at your space. Look at the knick-knacks and the stacks.

Look at the baskets that looked cute in the catalog filled with blankets.

Do you need it all? Or need it all together?

Or maybe just ONE item from a group will serve as a good reminder of a special time, rather than five items.

  • Try taking down every piece from the mantle or table and only put back what is truly dear or necessary.
  • Store, donate or relocate the rest. Try to do this little by little, maybe once a week. Pick a space and then a part of that space and carefully decide what needs to be there.

Over time, you’ll have a simple, cohesive space with well-chosen or special items that can be well used or singled out and admired individually, rather than an overwhelming, indistinguishable collection of things.

Here are some great photo examples I’ve found, where each item is chosen and displayed well.



Bedroom With Built-Ins_Sage Design
Decorating with items that have meaning. (Image credit, Sage Design)
Great Room Built Ins And Fireplace_No Source
Find old accents.


Frame or display old things like shirts, toy cars etc. Adds interest
Frame or display old items like shirts, toy cars etc., which adds interest.

Find old things to frame. Blue prints, vintage magazines, etc.

Reading Room_Well Edited
(Image credit, Nam Dang Mitchell Interior Designer)


Headshot With FilterElizabeth Andersen is a purveyor of unique and hard-to-find home décor through her online shop on Etsy, The EA Shop. Here Elizabeth sells décor she hand-crafts such as decorative pillows and accent pieces cast with cement. She also curates and sells unique vintage pieces.

Elizabeth offers interior design services including custom sewing, home décor arrangement and design, and renovation consultation to achieve one-of-a-kind spaces for her clients. Elizabeth has a background in high-end residential construction, luxury residential and hospitality architecture, art and interior decorating.


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