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Freshening The Home With White by Elizabeth Andersen

l2wG9lorPD1wvtd9xfOevVUmh784lB-cz4vjXQeUk7YTba1PPvahvOSXVRnWxKNxBYbj-Q=w1174-h481The 2016 Color Of The Year from Benjamin Moore is Simply White. This is a great example of the surge in the design industry away from bold colors and Taupes and on to simple, clean, fresh White.

Are you on board?

I certainly am! White walls and woodwork have a classic and timeless appeal. They provide a  beautiful background for artwork and an imperceptible calm to whoever is in the room. Here are a few things to consider before you run out and grab the first gallon of White on the shelf:

#1 – Interior whites don’t come straight from the can. Look through the array of color cards at the store or grab a pamphlet with featured color chips. Take some home. Evaluate. Choosing a white takes time, but it’s worth it.

#2 – At home, consider your spaces and your décor? Most residential interiors will lean towards a warm white.

S6v6H24kWj42A1M1UZgFC4grHjwt3ihIIoSagpgdg5vHPQGksFibTjjAlOYQURfHaCIOYg=w1174-h481#3 – Your walls aren’t perfect. Most of us have imperfect walls. Likely, no special care was taken hanging and finishing the drywall during construction, or like me, you have plaster from years past. And certainly everyday-life does our walls no favors. Eggshell or flat finishes are good at hiding imperfections. I recommend an eggshell finish for durability, wipe-ability and problem-hideability.

#4 – For millwork (baseboards, crown mouldings, built-in shelving, doors and windows) choose a satin or semi-gloss paint. Buy a good product. I like Advance by Benjamin Moore for it’s  beautifully smooth finish on woodwork. Again, don’t pick a white off the shelf. Consider this like your wall color: carefully. I like a bright and soft white for trim.

#5 – The sheer number of whites available can be overwhelming. Narrow it down by searching Pinterest for collections of “Favorite Whites” put together by designers and pictures of rooms finished in the white you are considering.

CiP60N94mIoMga1yaI3d04gWC2jUusGHvT3JaoKDHDo8GU8Zrapy7gIJB7-kyL8UTwWE6A=w1174-h481#6 – My favorite White right now is Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore. I use it on my walls, ceilings AND on my millwork. In different finishes, it looks like a subtly different color. I finish my walls with Eggshell, ceiling with Flat and my woodwork with a Satin. Swiss Coffee has a great combination of warm and cool tones and really compliments any room it is used in.

#7 – Hire a designer or decorator if you love the idea of going fresh and white, but hate the idea of choosing the right color for your home. Many designers offer a color consultation at an affordable, flat rate.

Happy  refreshing!


Headshot With FilterElizabeth Andersen is a purveyor of unique and hard-to-find home décor through her online shop on Etsy, The EA Shop. Here Elizabeth sells décor she hand-crafts such as decorative pillows and accent pieces cast with cement. She also curates and sells unique vintage pieces.

Elizabeth offers interior design services including custom sewing, home décor arrangement and design, and renovation consultation to achieve one-of-a-kind spaces for her clients. Elizabeth has a background in high-end residential construction, luxury residential and hospitality architecture, art and interior decorating.


(Image credit, ,Living Room: J.K. Kling Associates Interior Design, Circle Window: Shea McGee Design, Entry: Unknown, Paint swatch: Benjamin Moore)

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