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Creating Personal Spaces with Elizabeth Andersen: Refresh Your Linens

15ed206c4b27b10eef61dca871dd50c6Have nice linens. The simplest thing you can do each year to make you and your family feel good, and your closets, hooks, towel bars and beds looking good, is to BUY NEW LINENS.

For the longest time I didn’t know that January is the month linens go on sale. BIG-time sale. This may be a reminder or great news to you, either way, do your shopping and take the first step in freshening your home for the New Year by getting crisp new sheets for the bed and fluffy, absorbent towels for the bath.

I typically like to get the best I can afford, and this often times forces me to alternate my purchases. One year I may buy new towels and the following year new sheets. Unless you are really hard on your fabrics, alternating years should work out just fine keeping your linens looking fresh and bright. If you can buy the best of it all each January, by all means do it and enjoy!

Nothing uplifts the look of the bedroom or bath more than fresh, clean linens and alternatively, nothing 411d6ed7818715f7b1283ac71882c1d9 quickly drags down a comforting setting than drab, worn towels and sheets. Comparatively speaking, these are a much more affordable option to refresh a space than new furnishings or finishes.

I always buy white. White is always crisp, always bright and easy to clean. Colors can be fun too, but use them with restraint.

Here are my favorite buys:


Restoration Hardware, 802 - Gram Turkish Towel Collection in White
Restoration Hardware, 802 – Gram Turkish Towel Collection in White






Pottery Barn’s PB Classic 820-Gram Weight Bath Towel Collection
Pottery Barn’s PB Classic 820-Gram Weight Bath Towel Collection













You can also try an EBay search: “Turkish towels, hammam towels, peshtemal, fauta, turkish hammam”

Different levels of quality will pop up in those categories. I would encourage you to give the Turkish towels a try by starting inexpensively, or go ahead with a better quality and spend a bit more. Either way, you’ll love these highly absorbent and quick-drying towels.


Millesimo Collection from Sferra
Millesimo Collection from Sferra









Land’s End Home
Land’s End Home









Tuesday Morning: This is a great “hit or miss” shop where they carry some of the highest-quality linens for a fraction of the cost. I picked up a set of $1200 sheets for $100 last January. Totally worth a stop for the budget shopper…


Headshot With FilterElizabeth Andersen is a purveyor of unique and hard-to-find home décor through her online shop on Etsy, The EA Shop. Here Elizabeth sells décor she hand-crafts such as decorative pillows and accent pieces cast with cement. She also curates and sells unique vintage pieces.

Elizabeth offers interior design services including custom sewing, home décor arrangement and design, and renovation consultation to achieve one-of-a-kind spaces for her clients. Elizabeth has a background in high-end residential construction, luxury residential and hospitality architecture, art and interior decorating.


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