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Introducing Elizabeth Andersen

Extraordinary women are named Elizabeth and it only seems natural that TWO Elizabeths should influence the world of home and decor together! I am so excited for 2016, as The Circular Home will be bursting at the seams into an even larger community of domestic women inspired to make their house a home. (All in a humorous and stress-free approach, of course.)

Headshot With FilterMy dear friend, Elizabeth Andersen, has been wooing me with her Etsy Shop for years. Truly a purveyor of unique and hard-to-find home décor, Elizabeth also hand-crafts beautiful decorative pillows and accent pieces cast with cement.

She also curates and sells unique vintage pieces.

Let’s welcome Elizabeth as a regular columnist at The Circular Home! I am certain you, my lovely and devoted readers, will appreciate her design wisdom and be inspired by her eye for styling your space.

In addition to The EA Shop on Etsy, Elizabeth also offers interior design services including custom sewing, home décor arrangement and design, and renovation consultation to achieve one-of-a-kind spaces for her clients.

She has an impressive background in high-end residential construction, luxury residential and hospitality architecture, art and interior decorating.

Welcome, Elizabeth!

Love, Elizabeth

Some of my favorite EA Shop pieces:

Decorative Cast Stone Frog


Decorative Cement Walnuts
Vehicles Pillow Cover

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