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4 creative gifts to give a new homeowner

The purchase of a new home can be downright epic in the paperwork alone, but once you sign (repeatedly) on the dotted line, a new journey begins. Realtors and friends alike can score big points by gifting a creative reminder of that home buying moment. Etsy abounds with ideas of custom gifts, and all it takes is a little forethought…

Here are 4 creative gifts to give the new homeowner:

#1 – Map it out

I am smitten with this idea from the Handmade HQ shop. A map of any city or town can be chosen and is then covered with a sweet “home sweet home” themed mat. The home owners details are added and voila! A most thoughtful gift!


#2 – Think about the holidays

An ornament is a thoughtful touch to remind home buyers of the day they moved into their new digs. Etsy is chocked full of ideas, but I like this skeleton key from the Berkley and Bean shop.


#3 – Get them “established”

First of all, anything printed or painted on burlap is a win in my decorating mind. This lovely custom print from the Bella Tara shop on Etsy will be a tear jerker when presented to the home buyer on closing day.


#4 – For the seasoned home buyer

Print out a picture of their new home, find a beautiful mat, and frame. This idea was found on Our Fifth House blog and is one of 6 framed homes in their home buying history.












2 thoughts on “4 creative gifts to give a new homeowner

  1. When my parents moved a few years ago, a friend gave them a very thoughtful & practical gift, a self-inking address stamp with their names and new address. Mom thinks of her friend every time she uses it, which is often.


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