Weaving faith into your decor

Embracing a life of grace and spirituality involves talking to oneself. A lot.

Meditating on scripture and throwing out positive self-talk instead of mulling over negative scenarios has proven to bring peace to my heart and a confidence that I can take on the day with Jesus (and a little tea).

Every morning, I listen to podcasts via Miss Joyce Meyer who proves to be the perfect daily pick me up for my soul! Since listening to Joyce, I have papered my home with post-it notes reminding me of what to focus on instead of the stress of everyday life. I prefer the Christian route as I like Jesus’ style and walk of love and good gracious do I need reminders to keep my negative thoughts in check and my heart focused on hope!

For example, this mental note has been strategically placed right by my tea, which is the first place I head to in the morning:

Peaceful thoughts

But a girl who desires an aesthetically pleasing home can only live with Post-its all over the house for so long! I need to weave in some spiritual decor to compliment my dwelling and encourage my heart to reside a place of peace throughout the day.

Of course I went to my Faith-filled decor page on Pinterest for inspiration and found beautiful furnishings for many faiths! Here are a few of my favorites…





Spoon Lily on Etsy, $14.99




Creative Touch Wood on Etsy, $22.95








Letter and Lined on Etsy, $18.00











Signals, $29.95

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