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The mourning of a broken tea cup

dfe07704de9bf51ff1957539c93021a4While winter lingered here in the Windy City this past February, I found comfort pouring myself a fresh brew of Harney and Sons Earl Grey tea into my favorite tea cup. Everyone has a favorite mug or demitasse or tea cup, no matter what kind of piping hot beverage you prefer. Approximately 2 years had passed since I purchased my cup. We saw many early mornings and late evenings together. I cried into my beautifully designed vintage cup at the loss of my grandmother. I held the gold rim up to my daughter’s tiny turquoise IKEA tea cup as we smiled and toasted each other over stacks and stacks of Oreo cookies.

This silly cup was even featured on The Daily Tea!

My favorite tea cup paid tribute to humdrum days and monumental moments in recent years, so it was only natural that I was devastated when it slid from the saucer and plummeted to my tile kitchen floor, shattering into irreparable pieces.

I don’t hold very many “things” dear to my heart but for some reason this particular cup spoke to me every time I sipped from its flowered shape. As I picked up the broken pieces, I realized my daily ritual was no more. I opened my tea cabinet door and looked at my “back up” cups, none of which spoke to me.

 Nothing could possibly replace my little tea cup,” I thought to myself.

A tear fell down my cheek and I quickly wiped it away, scolding my silly self for crying over a tea cup. I turned to the coffee maker for refuge and proceeded to go on a bean binge for several weeks. The black water tasted nothing like the calming citrus flavors of Bergamot. I added more sugar to the coffee to distract myself from overly mourning my sweet little tea cup’s demise.

Force feeding myself coffee 3 times a day did not help, so I became dependent on one of my Pinterest boards to keep my mind on other people’s favorite tea cups. I searched antique stores for a suitable replacement yet found my heart never leaping for joy the way it did with my sweet little cup.

d052ba88d69fa32f3e077fdf8a241bd1I once came across a magnificent tea set at the Barrington Country Garden & Antique Faire, which coincidentally is happening this weekend. At $1000 for the set similar to the one pictured here, but a tea set rather than an espresso set, the Capodimonte spoke to me but was sadly out of my price range. I began to realize the power that rests in the ritual of tea consumption.

I gave up and declared a “do over” to find a favorite tea cup. I reasoned if I embraced something so unembellished, I could erase any expecations and divine intervention would once again pair me with a suitable cup. So I headed over to IKEA and purchased the VÄRDERA teacup and saucer, in stark white for $4.99. While I am still searching for a tea cup that will draw me from bed in the early morning in anticipation of that first sip, I must admit my simple set from IKEA has soothed my aching heart…

FullSizeRender-4A happy day to you!

– Elizabeth



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