Mind Your Manners Mondays

Mind Your Manners Mondays: Obscene phone calls

obscenecallgirlDo people still get obscene phone calls these days? Or a better question might be, who still has a landline? The last time I remember getting a heavy breather buzz was a lovely spring day back in college…

“Hello?” I answered, expecting a friend or a boy of the moment to be on the other line.

Ugh, ugh. Or maybe it was more of a – Hu, hu?

Laughing, “Nice try, bozo! Go breathe heavily on someone else’s phone.”

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh.”

I hung up the phone and went about my 21-year-old day thinking writing a 10 page paper was stressful.

If you do happen to receive a filthy phone call, Miss Emily Post recommends the following. I particularly love the police whistle suggestion.

“The best way to handle the occasional obscene call is to hang up immediately. Don’t give the caller the satisfaction of hearing you become upset, or even responding. If, as sometimes happens, the call is repeated as soon as you hang up, leave the receiver off the hook for a little while. If the caller is a youngster looking for a laugh, or a random-number-picking pervert, he will soon give up when he keeps hearing the busy signal.

If you are subjected to such calls regularly, you should, of course, notify the telephone company. They can, and will in serious cases, try to trace the calls.

There is also another effective remedy that will discourage the occasional caller. Keep an ordinary police whistle by the phone, and as soon as you hear the first obscene word, blow a hard blast into your speaker. That caller will drop you from his list of victims there and then.”

Excerpt from Emily Post’s Etiquette

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