Mind Your Manners Mondays

Mind Your Manners Mondays: Business Dress and Grooming – Fragrance

shutterstock_108490184A beautiful smell is determined by the individual schnoz. I used to love Chanel No. 5, fabric softeners, and a potent men’s cologne. Then I became pregnant and my whole body composition changed, leaving me gagging at strong odors. In my opinion, fragrance should be an intimate exchange, one in which only a cherished person who will be close enough to embrace me should smell my perfume of choice.

Emily Post has some thoughts in regards to dousing yourself with your favorite aroma at the office…


Perfume, cologne, and after shave are lovely when a mere hint of fragrance is apparent. They are ghastly when co-workers are forced to run to open windows for air after you walk by.

Emily Post, Emily Post’s Etiquette

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