Household Hints

Household Hints: Cleaning Your Broiler With Coffee Grounds

HouseHold Hints 21

I found a book in my grandmother’s basement years ago and like anything I asked of her, she said, “Take it, Elizabeth!” Household Hints, published in 1933 by The Chicago Daily News, was packed with yellowed, tattered pages of culinary and household tips of the time.

I instantly felt a connection with these women and even though the word asbestos appears on every other page as a viable solution to home keeping and I struggled to relate to entries like – Kerosene as Wood Polish and Using an Army Cot as a Screen, I was intrigued by the past voices of our domestic sisters. From the readers of the Women’s Pages of The Chicago Daily News, The Circular Home is pleased to make your household chores more enjoyable. Need more homekeeping hints? Skip on over to the Household Hints page

Disclaimer: Be aware, dear reader, that I have not tested any of these suggestions so the desired result may or may not be obtained. Be mindful that these simple domestic tidbits are from the 1930s.

(Excerpt in image from Household Hints published by The Chicago Daily News, 1933)

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