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Spice your marriage up with a DIY project

Peter and I tend to work semi-harmoniously on home projects together. We enjoy the process of finding inspiration, picking out colors, and selecting new tools and supplies, but find the execution often brings moments of tense discussion. I usually take the role of cheap labor and child wrangling while Peter does the more detailed work. In our pre-child days, we used to pair a nice bottle of wine with a home improvement project which would inevitably stir conversation and boisterous laughter.

On one occasion we painted our living room a lovely Java color. As the bottle of Malbec dwindled to mere drops, we noticed that one of us (8 years later, and we are still not sure who) “accidentally” painted a caterpillar on the ceiling. Our hysterics could be heard around the neighborhood and we still reminisce about that project today.

Home decor doesn’t have to be just a dispassionate trip of buying random things and slapping any old picture on the wall. It’s about creating memories and building relationships – one project at a time. Pick an area of your home that needs a little sprucing and exchange Christmas gifts by way of intimate renovation.

The Lowe’s circular has a few items that can get your creative juices flowing:


For the entry way: An expression of what’s to be expected once guests cross your threshold, the front door or entryway should be a collaboration of a couple’s style. Appeal to the masculine and feminine with this Holiday Living 5-ft Pine Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree, $79.97 each (Priced from 11/20/14 – 11/26/14).

Image via Lowe’s





For the mantle: Often the focal point of a room, the mantle can also be a wide widow sill. Try this Classic Tabletop Tree Indoor Christmas Decoration, $14.97 each (Priced from 11/20/14 – 11/26/14).

Image via Lowe’s







For picture hanging: Peter insists on winging it at home when it comes to wall hangings, so stuffed in his stocking this year will be the Kobalt Torpedo Standard Level, $16.98 (Priced from 11/20/14 – 11/26/14).

Image via Miss Martha Stewart




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