3 easy ways to decorate for Thanksgiving + hostess/guest fashion advice

IMG_2038-0021. Seek out free printables

If you are not familiar with the lovely Kim Stoegbauer, party stylist of The TomKat Studio, then set aside a few hours to peruse her portfolio. Kim has graciously gifted readers a free Thanksgiving printable collection that makes for an easy breezy, polished and harvest-y spread for your next holiday. Donning a neutral palette, this collection of party essentials features a smashing banner, menu, invitations, and my personal favorite – leftover labels! Don’t forget to shop The TomKat Studio store for the Thanksgiving packaging kit which makes hosting virtually stress-free!

Hugs of thanksgiving to you, Kim!


2. Go simple on the centerpiecea847b2c628edd53e0a6cbe0326d40930

While I love a statement, perhaps Holiday 2014 calls for simplicity in between the plates and more of an emphasis on robust conversation? I found this lovely image of white pumpkins casually wrapped in berry branches and thought the display to be a statement of relaxation for the holiday rather than the typical pants-popping centerpiece of family style dishes overloaded with food. (Image found on Fancy Cribs)




795c9fa0ad94630261d6223729c145f13. Scrap the tablecloth and go with a runner instead

The prep work to make a tablecloth crease-free is rather time consuming. Shine up your preferred surface and opt for a runner like this red striped cotton and linen piece from Terrain or sneak a peek at the Pier1 November catalog for table runners a-go-go.

<— Miss Martha also has a stenciled runner you can DIY if that kind of project tickles your fancy…




4. Take fashionable advantage of being “top chefd69e84eb33d4250f_haute_couture_fashion_photo

Yes, yes, the food is amazing, and no matter how tired you are from putting together this magnificent soiree, don’t forget to put together a snappy outfit. Something Dior Haute Couture comes to mind and inspires me to write this poem…

With one bidding, you know her affair will be an event to remember.

Fine food, robust wine, whispering in dark corners…

She can wear whatever she wants, after all, she’s the hostess.

You see you’re the star, not that silly turkey sitting in the middle of the table.



bowskirt115. Don’t upstage the hostess

Even if you’re not the master of ceremonies, you’re amazing anyway, but please do not outshine the hostess. Wear something simple, elegant, and memorable. (Pencil skirt via Say Yes)




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