Mind Your Manners Mondays

Mind your manners Mondays: Food stuck in your teeth

I’m going to out Peter right now, God love him, but he often takes his butter knife and looks into the reflection of it to see if there is any food in his teeth. OH MY WORD. Now that we can flip the reflection in our iPhones, I have witnessed many men and women checking out his/her nostrils or teeth in a restaurant. Emily Post has specific suggestions for this common table manner faux pas and would probably faint at the sight of Peter checking out his pearly whites in his dinner utensils…


Toothpicks should not be used at the table, and certainly you should not pick at food in your teeth with your finger. If it is actually hurting, excuse yourself and go to the bathroom to remove it. Otherwise wait until the end of the meal and then go take care of it, asking for a toothpick if necessary. The same holds true for food caught in dentures. If it is unbearable, you must excuse yourself and go to the nearest bathroom to rinse them. – Emily Post


Quote from the 15th edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette by Elizabeth L. Post

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