Mind Your Manners Mondays

Mind your manners Monday: Eating bacon

The Queen of Civil Protocol, Emily Post‘s approach to etiquette lives on throughout the ages, yet as we evolve as human beings I find we often need gentle reminders of how to act with social greatness. Today, we review the proper way to consume bacon from the 15th edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette by Elizabeth L. Post.


Breakfast bacon should, when it is limp, be eaten with a fork. But when it is dry and crisp, so that it scatters into fragments when broken by the fork, fingers are permitted. – Emily Post

6 thoughts on “Mind your manners Monday: Eating bacon

      1. I looked into this question and the answer is both (kind of). Per Emily Post, “When French-fried potatoes accompany a hamburger, hot dog, or other sandwich, they may be eaten with the fingers. At other times they should be cut into reasonable lengths and eaten with a fork.”


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