Shabby chic is not my cup of tea

10426708_245811912285199_5368766735038768306_nI have a confession to make.

Shabby chic is sweet, but it’s never really been my style. I know, I know! Many of my friends, both personal and that of the colleague nature alike, are furrowing their brows right now, but let me explain…

It’s similar to when you prefer a style like bohemian over preppy. You appreciate the straight-lined, classic ensemble, yet find your eye drawn to the uninhibited flow of expressing your personal whims of the moment via contrasting texture and feminine layering.

You see, shabby chic is my preppy.

772c4f31a542d5ec6b6a7d20570e955cFor years, as shabby chic exploded on the interior scene, I couldn’t bring myself to buy into it and the Annie Sloans of the world distressing furniture ceased to woo me to take the shabby chic plunge. I try not to criticize other tastes, making “to each his own” my personal mantra in life, so let’s talk about the style that does capture my heart.

The word “historic” comes to mind, something old grandma Gert brought over from Norway. I want to place items in my home that muster conversation and resemble works of art. Over the summer, my dear friend Debra introduced me to a line of paint that focused on encapsulating that natural patina of age. Easy to use and extremely forgiving during the process of restoration, the Amy Howard at Home line stirred that need for epic-styled furnishings.

This style of finishing was what I had been looking for as I strolled through consignment shops and 5d36ee4dea126f8fff80e7ba087940dfpassed up unwanted furniture discarded on the side of the road. After browsing through the inspiration page on Amy’s site, I realized I didn’t have to embrace the shabby chic movement. There was a place for my way of expression. My bohemian approach to décor could finally be expressed with the help of my new friend, Amy.

To all my shabby chic lovers out there, I appreciate your preference but I am not ashamed to admit, it’s not me. To each his own, right?





Image credit, Amy Howard at Home

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