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Welcome to The Circular Home’s new home

My editor contacted me a few weeks ago and let me know Inside Shopper, the site that hosts my home decor column The Circular Home, was being annihilated in September. A harsh word, annihilated, but true to the definition, my column was utterly destroyed this week. I was bummed out at first and then my emotions turned to panic. Like a crazy woman I paced around my 1000 square foot house (which is basically like walking around in a small circle) frantic at what to do. I love The Circular Home! I love writing about my affairs with appliances and fond of creating Household Hints and posting the Morning Pretty. I love chatting on Facebook with you, dear readers, and become downright giddy getting virtually lost in the Pinterest fields…


So I reached out to many lifestyle publications to find a host for The Circular Home and got nothing. Not even a rude response! Well, challenge accepted imaginary nay-sayers! I will emerge like the love child of lifestyle brands out there! I will be the domestic descendant of Martha Stewart, Mrs. Meyers, Erma Bombeck, and Dorthy Parker.

The Circular Home’s new address will be right here at thecircularhome.com! I am sure things will change a bit as I will be covering ALL kinds of circular and catalog publications like IKEA and Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn and Lowes and Art Van Furniture and Target and Meijer and Country Curtains and Restoration Hardware and Bombay Company and Pier 1 and Menards and J.C. Penney and World Market!


This website will be changing and it’s not completely finished because if I waited for that day I would 85-years-old launching The Circular Home. If you are a new reader, as the name implies, here we highlight products in the circulars and take a gradual approach to polishing, repairing and maintaining your home, all through the inspiration of the weekly sale papers and catalogs.

The overall tone of The Circular Home is celebrating the modern women who is smitten with domestic life but not to the point of unhealthy obsession. Perfection is not the key to a happy domestic life. At The Circular Home, humor, love and a snuggly place to call home is.

Thank you so much for being a part of The Circular Home! I look forward to swooning over home interiors with you!
xo, Elizabeth


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