Tips for keeping your marriage spicy

Sustaining a relationship is not easy. Sure, the first few years are reasonably easy-breezy, but what happens after you’ve hit the 15 year mark? How does a couple keep the spice in their union and creatively fan the flame of desire? Barely there undergarments and a dab of red lipstick may be the wooing technique… Continue reading Tips for keeping your marriage spicy

Power Women

Spotlight on Female Business Owners

Twelve-hour days, pulling all-nighters, working weekends … this beautifully describes the life of a business owner. The Kane County area is bursting with small businesses and – with it – the leadership of some amazing women. There are two in particular who embody a tenacious entrepreneurial spirit, a kind heart and a savvy business sense that does… Continue reading Spotlight on Female Business Owners

Fiction · Novellas

Why I’m not self-publishing

I wrote a novella, which is too long to be technically considered a “short story” yet too short to be a classic “novel.” These stories are EXTREMELY hard to pitch because, according to my 20 + rejection letters, “Novellas are hard to market/sell.” After 4 years of pitching, I’ve been crawling out of my skin… Continue reading Why I’m not self-publishing

Emotional Baggage · health & wellness

When Self-Help Books Don’t Help

I believe in transparency, especially now with the various filters we put on our life via social feeds. And when it comes to the modern woman, we are the masters of putting on a happy face no matter what the circumstance. It’s what we do as women – soldier on. No matter what the situation,… Continue reading When Self-Help Books Don’t Help

health & wellness · Household Hints

5 Ways to Lead a Slower Life

Circling round the internet, soft at first but now a tad louder, is the idea of slow living. Our society as a whole has been moving quite quickly over the years with our fast food, fast careers, fast communication and overall fast everything. I fully believe many of us are experiencing burnout after all this… Continue reading 5 Ways to Lead a Slower Life