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When mama’s happy, everybody’s happy

Last week, my family took our very first vacation together. While I was eager to get away from the Midwest and bask in the sunshiny beaches of Clearwater, Fla., I stressed about getting everything done on my to-do list before I left. Work had to be complete for the next week. When you work in… Continue reading When mama’s happy, everybody’s happy

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My NEW HOME color swatch inspiration via Pier 1

When I first made a home for myself in my early twenties, I was a sage girl. Practically all my decor had some sort of sage-y color sprinkled into it. The color of the moment, this soft green hue took over everything from dishes and furniture to small adornments in my home. In 2009, Jessica… Continue reading My NEW HOME color swatch inspiration via Pier 1

health & wellness

Confidently weaving ‘flaws’ into your look

In my early 20s, fresh out of college and full of an enthusiastic energy that required no coffee, I felt confident in my skin – or so I thought. The power of words are enough to make or break you. One particular day at work, a superior “encouraged” me not to wear my glasses as… Continue reading Confidently weaving ‘flaws’ into your look


Tips for keeping your marriage spicy

Sustaining a relationship is not easy. Sure, the first few years are reasonably easy-breezy, but what happens after you’ve hit the 15 year mark? How does a couple keep the spice in their union and creatively fan the flame of desire? Barely there undergarments and a dab of red lipstick may be the wooing technique… Continue reading Tips for keeping your marriage spicy